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Kings no more?

Eastern Suburbs 2, Three Kings 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 7 2017 It’s only been three short weeks since I was last at Madills Farm but, in the intervening time, change has been afoot. Green has been replaced by orange as the predominant hue of the surrounding deciduous trees – […]

Gathering up the scraps

Eastern Suburbs 1, Onehunga Sports 3 Madills Farm, Auckland, April 17 2017 What does a conscientious footballaholic do to appropriately mark Easter Monday? This year, I didn’t see why I should be any different to the rest of Auckland. So the only credible option was to join the procession of […]

A rare affliction

I was all set to round off the NRFL season by heading off to Eastern Suburbs vs Western Springs yesterday, but I was unexpectedly prevented from doing so by a rare condition I suddenly found myself afflicted with – I couldn’t be bothered. The fact that it was wet and […]

Wet wet wet

Eastern Suburbs 5, Hamilton Wanderers 1 Madills Farm, Auckland, April 17 2016 What is it with bloody rain? It was dry and partly cloudy with perfect light for photos on Saturday for the men’s footy. Then for no good reason it rained like the proverbial all through the women’s footy […]

The last quarter

Eastern Suburbs 2, Western Springs 3 AET Madills Farm, Auckland, August 2 2015 I must be slipping. Two humdingers that went right down to the wire in two days! Where did that come from? Usually I end up attracted, like a moth to a flame, to lop-sided contests that leave […]

The divining rod

Eastern Suburbs 4, Norwest United 1 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 24 2015 Sometimes it’s easy. I look at the draw for the round and go – “AHA! That’s the game I’m going to!” And other times, like this one, I literally don’t decide until I pull out of the driveway. […]

Sunday the 13th

Eastern Suburbs 2, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, April 13 2014 My attendance at a close friend’s wedding yesterday kept me from Saturday football action. Before you say it, no, football wasn’t more important on this occasion – I was the best man so unable to pull the […]

Comparing apples with oranges…

Eastern Suburbs 5, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 12 2013 I’ve been a slack-arse lately. I didn’t cover any local football last weekend and I haven’t done a women’s game for over a month, therefore yesterday it was time for a little catch-up. So yesterday I developed […]