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New Lynn and old Lynn

Lynn Avon 0, Forrest Hill Milford 4 Ken Maunder Park, Auckland, June 8 2014 I couldn’t help myself. As I have written before, my plan with the major cup tournaments this year was to continue to follow the team that wins each tie I attend. This means that my next scheduled […]

Classy Claudelands

Claudelands Rovers 7, Lynn Avon United 1 Galloway Park, Hamilton, September 2 2012 Always check the schedule immediately before you travel to New Zealand club football. Not a couple of days before. Immediately before. I have been dealt harsh lessons on this in the past. But it is apparently still […]


Lynn-Avon United 3, Papakura City 0 Ken Maunder Park, Auckland, May 6 2012 Today was the first round of the New Zealand wide Women’s Knockout Cup. This year there are 28 teams battling it out for national supremacy. While fifteen are from Auckland, entries range from Dunedin’s Roslyn Wakari in […]