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The wrath of the whatever

Auckland City 3, Southern United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, January 10 2016 As with 2015, my first game of 2016 is at Kiwitea Street. To be honest though, this was a match I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for. I think it might be the first time I have […]

Balanced Views – Central United

Central United 3, Hamilton Wanderers 2 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, July 4 2015 Never too late By John Palethorpe – Central United fan The business end of the season approaches. The shadows have begun their retreat, but pre-game the discussion was less about the threatening looking clouds and more about the imminent […]

Balanced Views – Hamilton Wanderers

Central United 3, Hamilton Wanderers 2 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, July 4 2015 Skyrockets in flight but no afternoon delight By Rod de Lisle – Hamilton Wanderers first team manager After knocking over Central regularly over the last year or two (in the league anyway), it all came crashing back to […]

The Central premise

Central United 0, Eastern Suburbs 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, June 13 2015 Two grand old clubs played each other at Kiwitea Street today. Between the two of them they have won 12 Chatham Cups since 1951, when Eastern Suburbs won their first, five Northern Premier Leagues and two National Leagues. […]

All that glitters

Auckland City 2, Hawkes Bay United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, April 5 2015 I was at Kiwitea Street today to watch Auckland City FC win their 6th ASB Premiership title. Without meaning any disrespect to the Hawkes Bay team who proved themselves worthy finalists, let’s be honest, the 2-1 victory […]

Homeward bound

Auckland City 3, Team Wellington 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, February 15 2015 It’s crunch time in the ASB Premiership, and after today’s fixtures there was good news and bad news. I’ll get the bad news out of the way first. Today’s top of the table clash at Kiwitea Street was […]

Where the heart leads

Auckland City 1, Wellington Phoenix A 3 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, January 11 2014 What is it about big dominant football clubs that makes people dislike them? It’s not just New Zealand’s oft lamented ‘tall poppy syndrome’, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.  Ask most Germans what they think of Bayern Munich, most […]

The third best club in the world

Auckland City 2, Waitakere United 2 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, December 21 2014 Not many true football fans will admit that their favourite club is not the best, not even the second best, but merely the THIRD best team in the world. But that’s exactly what I’d bet dollars to doughnuts […]

Old scores

Central United 2, Napier City Rovers 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, August 17 2014 Here we are at Chatham Cup semi-final time! How did we get here? I’m glad you asked. Deep breath… It all started with 127 teams back in April with a lovely day in Auckland’s far East where […]