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An interview with Tessa Nicol

Once again we have reached that time of the year when I do my annual Northern League pre-season interview. Last year my subject was Western Springs coach Neil Emblen, so according to my strict rotation policy this year we turn our attention back to the high flying New Zealand women’s […]

The freedom to football

New Zealand 3, New Zealand Under 20 Selection 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, January 20 2016 Isn’t annual leave great? We must pause at this moment and give thanks to the first Labour government for implementing the first two weeks of it, the third Labour government for adding a third […]

Be afraid…

Forrest Hill Milford 8, Papatoetoe AFC 2 Huapai Domain, Auckland, March 23 2014 I was going to head down to Western Springs and check out the finals action in the Auckland City FC under 17 tournament today, but in the end I decided I couldn’t face it. I popped in […]

O Canada

New Zealand U20 3, Papua New Guinea U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 22 2014 It was back to Centre Park for me today to witness a World Cup qualification in person for the first time since 2005! New Zealand played Papua New Guinea in the last game of the […]

Where the bloody hell are ya?

New Zealand U20 12, Vanuatu U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 18 2014 What if I told you there is an international football tournament on right now, on your doorstep if you happen to live in Auckland, and the winner of this tournament goes to the WORLD CUP, and it’s […]

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

New Zealand U20 0, Australia U20 4 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, July 27 2013 Bah! Playing Australia so very rarely ends well, no matter what the sport. It’s like we have this big brother little brother complex where they have the psychological edge over us most of the time. So much […]