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OCL 2016: Auckland City v Amicale F.C

Everything to play for. The overturning of Amicale’s result meant that if somebody lost this game, they’d be going out. Tefana’s whopping +10 goal difference meant that six points wouldn’t be enough for second best, although there was some discussion over the benefits of playing for a draw, which would […]

The circus is in town

“A scudetto at Roma is worth 10 at Milan or Juventus” – Fabio Capello 2001 – the last time Roma won Serie A… This is what it looks like when a million people gather in the Circus Maximus on the best day of their lives: Will we finally see this […]

Here Taddei…

When Brazilian midfielder Rodrigo Taddei scored a goal for Roma, his celebration was to put his hand under his shirt and up to his chest where he would thump it up and down like a heartbeat. This was oh so appropriate because here was a player who was all ticker. […]


It’s agony waiting for Serie A to start each year, a couple of weeks or more after everyone else in Europe, but FINALLY, this Saturday at 4am New Zealand time, Italian club football kicks off once again with Chievo vs Juventus followed by Roma vs Fiorentina. As it’s getting rather […]


Time goes faster the older you get. Everyone over the age of 20 knows this. When you’re young you think the rest of your life will take an eternity to run its course. But once you are over that teenage hump, in the blink of an eye you are 40 […]

Fantasy Serie Apdate

At the start of the season, I said that if the official Fantasy Serie A league filled up to its maximum 20 participants, I would embed the points table in the sidebar of the blog for all to monitor progress. The threat obviously hasn’t been carried out, but I […]


It’s one of the oldest clichés in the book – a picture tells a thousand words. I think this one tells at least 10,000… Before the first derby under the American ownership of Roma, I noted that only two players on the pitch had ever experienced a derby della capitale […]