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Sport and Politics – an Italian art

This is a little bit naughty but, having thoroughly enjoyed John’s wonderfully evocative post on Tuesday looking at the overlaps between sport and politics, I couldn’t resist coming in over the top with a contribution of my own adding something of an historical perspective… I’ve actually been meaning to write […]

Don’t flag it

This is not a football post. In fact, it’s not even a post about sport. It’s a post about a rectangular piece of fabric that has a little bit to do with sport, but it’s such a small amount that I’m not even going to bother drawing that particular bow. […]

All that glitters

Auckland City 2, Hawkes Bay United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, April 5 2015 I was at Kiwitea Street today to watch Auckland City FC win their 6th ASB Premiership title. Without meaning any disrespect to the Hawkes Bay team who proved themselves worthy finalists, let’s be honest, the 2-1 victory […]

Blandford Park

The problem with being a history buff is that often simple little tasks, such as looking up some obscure fact, can easily suck you into a vortex. In order to find that fact, you have to sift through material that may or may not be relevant, leading you to discover […]

A stadium tour like no other!

In November last year this blog published a long feature on Newmarket Park, the stadium that was the home of New Zealand Football from 1964 until it was wrecked by a landslide in 1979. The post featured many memories from people who spent a lot of time playing, watching and […]

Newmarket Park

Newmarket Park

Newmarket Park was the home of New Zealand Football between 1964 and 1979. Inaugurated well before I was born and destroyed by a landslide when I was just three years old, I had never set foot on the hallowed ground before, yet I have been moved by the passion with […]

I Love This Club – Stop Out

[Welcome to ‘I Love This Club’, a series of guest posts on exploring what makes grassroots New Zealand football people tick, through sharing their stories about why they love their clubs. If you would like to contribute to this series by writing about your special club, please e-mail me […]