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Attending the Conference

Ellerslie 5, Hibiscus Coast 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, July 3 2016 I am, for my sins, an avid reader of the Northern League Forum. I don’t take everything I read on there as gospel – if I did that I’d probably be writing this wrapped in tinfoil, adopting the foetal […]

Cutis anserina

Hibiscus Coast 1, Melville United 2 Stanmore Bay Park, Auckland, August 9 2014 I wasn’t going to go to any football on Saturday due to other commitments, but at exactly 2pm (45 minutes before NRFL kick-off time) and after a hard morning putting up election hoardings, my afternoon commitments fell […]

All work and no play

Norwest United 7, Hibiscus Coast 0 Huapai Reserve, Auckland, May 11 2014 Where was I? Oh yes, cups! I was just saying in my previous post (on yesterday’s Chatham Cup game), before I had to run off to Huapai, how the magic of the cup lives on and lesser teams […]

Coasting to victory

Metro FC 1, Hibiscus Coast 6 Phyllis Street, Auckland, April 18 2014 YAY EASTER!!! It always comes at such a great time. After a good, long, tranquil Christmas break when you get used to putting your feet up without any responsibility to go out and toil for a living, you […]

A derby named Rodney

Hibiscus Coast AFC 3, Warkworth AFC 0 Stanmore Bay Park, Hibiscus Coast, May 26 2012 As I drove up to the Whangaparoa Peninsula for today’s local derby between Hibiscus Coast and Warkworth, I was pondering what’s in a name. All the great derbies of the world have great handles. In […]