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A gentleman’s sport

There has been some interesting debate recently about the discrepancy in financial spoils for the country’s top female sportswomen compared to their male counterparts, as the popularity and profile of women’s sport grows – Morgan

The plan, Stan

New Zealand Football have released a new plan for the next three years’ worth of national competitions and there is something quite remarkable about it – I agree with almost every word! The highlights from my perspective are: The National Women’s League will stay federation based for now and move […]

Yeah, but what’s the solution?

ITBOTN has written extensively about the issues raised by Abby Erceg in announcing her international retirement due to what she sees as the undervaluing of women’s football by the national body – New Zealand Football. One of the significant problems she highlighted is the plight of local based players who […]

All work and no play

Norwest United 7, Hibiscus Coast 0 Huapai Reserve, Auckland, May 11 2014 Where was I? Oh yes, cups! I was just saying in my previous post (on yesterday’s Chatham Cup game), before I had to run off to Huapai, how the magic of the cup lives on and lesser teams […]