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Closing Time

Claudelands Rovers 0, Forrest Hill Milford 11 Galloway Park, Hamilton, September 2 2018 It all happens so fast! It only feels like a couple of weeks since the Northern League season got underway, and now, just like that, it’s all over. Where did that time disappear to? The very last […]

A troncing

Claudelands 5, Three Kings 2 Galloway Park, Hamilton, July 30 2017 It’s been a while! The last NRFL Women’s Premier fixture I attended was two months ago, almost to the day. Since then it’s fair to say that things have developed a bit. But despite the thirty six odd games […]

Derby della Tron

Claudelands Rovers 2, Hamilton Wanderers 2 Galloway Park, Hamilton, May 1 2016 May the first is usually associated with one of two things – May poles, or trade unionists marching up Queen Street (up rather than down because it’s all about the struggle comrades) singing Solidarity Forever. But today, May […]

OK, so that was annoying…

Claudelands Rovers 2, Forrest Hill Milford 3 Galloway Park, Hamilton, June 29 2014 Sometimes when I’m on my way to a football game, all I’m hoping for is an exciting game with a close result. From now on I’ll be a bit more careful what I wish for. I often […]

Habemus Papam

Claudelands Rovers 9, Norwest United 1 Galloway Park, Hamilton, May 25 2014 Bah humbug. That’s how I felt watching all the excitement around the UEFA Champions League Final this morning. Like many other Kiwi footballaholics I forewent my Sunday sleep-in to watch the Madrid derby play out on television – […]

There’s only one Hannah Reid?

Did the little old local New Zealand football scene have an international recording artist in our midst last winter? A few weeks ago I started noticing a growing anomaly in the blog stats. Over the space of the past couple of months, one photograph has attracted more page views than […]

Two Rovers, one cup

Claudelands Rovers 0, Glenfield Rovers 4 Galloway Park, Hamilton, August 25 2013 It was the battle of the two Rovers in today’s semi-final of the New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup. For the victor, a date with Christchurch club Coastal Spirit in the final. For the vanquished, season over, so long […]