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Guest Post – Hard to Beet

By Cordwainer Bull They served us beetroot for the entree at New Zealand Football’s 125th anniversary dinner. It was one of those pretentious haute cuisine dishes, lovingly titivated with colourful garnishes, and seemingly designed as much for photographing as eating. Not that beetroot was ever going to cut it as […]

Getting a Gong

New Zealand Football celebrated its 125th birthday on Wednesday night in the grand tearoom at Auckland’s Heritage Hotel. It was a wonderful evening (apart from the US Election result which I must admit did take the gloss off it very slightly) with great food, fine wine and exceptional company. The […]

Guest Post – Get a Philosophy

By Cordwainer Bull A great number of people care deeply about football in New Zealand, but are driven by quite diverse philosophies. That was evident at Celebration of Excellence Dinner in Auckland last night, organised by independent ginger group, Friends of Football, and incorporating the annual New Zealand Football Media […]