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Glenfield Rovers 0, Birkenhead United 4 McFetridge Park, Auckland, June 5 2017 It has been suggested, on one or two… hundred occasions, that I am a one eyed Birkenhead United supporter. Or as one contributor to the Northern League Forum once put it after Birko gave me a shirt to […]

I want this one…

My prediction at the start of Euro 2016 was that this was Germany’s tournament to lose – unless they come up against Italy! And whaddaya know… They are coming up against Italy. Whether or not it’s still Gremany’s tournament to lose will be seriously put to the test on Sunday […]

When two tribes go to war…

AS Roma 3, SS Lazio 2 Stadio Olimpico, Rome, October 31 2007 It’s hard to describe just what a derby means to a fan. To put it into cold, emotionless black and white words on paper can’t convey the intensity of feeling without it somehow seeming pathetic to the reader. […]