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TVNZ Bundesliga: Goals For Breakfast

It’s exciting to think that in a months time it’ll be possible to watch the Stirling Sports Premiership, the Hyundai A League and the Bundesliga from the comfort of your sofa. Now, for the first two you’re going to need a Sky subscription (if you want the other leagues, you’ll […]

Welcome to my world

It seems that lovers of the English Premier League are about to discover what it’s like to be a Serie A fan in New Zealand. Ever since ESPN lost the rights to show top flight Italian football in the Pacific Rim some four or five years ago, the Australasian rights […]

RIP the Champions League on ESPN

Back on the 13th of June beIN Sports presenter Adriano Del Monte announced, via his Twitter account, that his company had secured the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in Australia. My heart sank. I knew that it almost certainly meant the end for Europe’s premiere football competition on […]

The football media we deserve

“The fact is that over 39 months/editions later I have never had a month where I have broken even let alone made a profit to provide a return on investment for my investor and also a profit to pay back my considerable investment.” – Soccer Talk Editor Glen Price, issue […]

Making a difference

“So get as many people behind it as you can! Get them subscribing and help give your local club a cash injection!” – The Auckland Football Federation website commands you! PremierLeaguePass have launched a new initiative to support local clubs extremely generously with 20% of every subscription going to a local […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway

I purchased my “Premier League Pass” on Thursday. It wasn’t a difficult decision, and it was probably just a matter of time before I bit the bullet anyway, but what finally pushed me over the edge was this announcement from Sky, just 24 hours after the new kids on the […]

A change is gonna come

One evening a year or so back I was phoned by a Sky (pay) TV employee doing a telephone survey on the viewing habits of their New Zealand audience. I was asked if I could spare fifteen minutes to provide some feedback to assist them to improve their service. “Great”, […]