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Hopefully you have noticed lately that I am not the only one talking rubbish around here anymore! Much to my delight John Palethorpe, a well-respected and established political blogger on his own Shinbone Star website, has generously agreed to come aboard and indulge his football passion on He started […]

Honey I shrunk the football season

It’s October! Yay, I love October. It’s up there with the best months of the year. For starters, it’s a “ber”. Bers are great. Once you get into the bers you know three things – winter is over, Christmas isn’t far away, and Liverpool have replaced their manager. October is unique […]

The National League Debates

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana Bruce Holloway, winner of ‘Best Publication’ at the 2012 New Zealand Football Media Awards for the superb Waikato Chronicles (follow the link for my review of it), has been at it again! This time with a […]

The pride of South Auckland

Auckland United Youth 3, Waitakere United Youth 1 Centre Park, Auckland, January 12 2014 Auckland has had a City playing in blue for almost a decade, and as of today, looking every bit the part in their red shirts and black shorts, it now also has a United to complete […]

War (What is it good for?)

A bit of shocking news that isn’t so shocking really came through yesterday. It appears that star midfielder Maxim Manko has left WaiBOP United over the Christmas break, and played off the bench for Waitakere United in their friendly against the Phoenix A last night. My initial reaction to this […]

Regime change

Northern Football 2, Mainland Pride 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, December 8 2013 The New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup, the Chatham Cup, and now the National Women’s League – what a hat-trick! The balance of power when it comes to football in New Zealand is shifting south of the Cook […]