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Drawing Ferns

Bucklands Beach 1, Football Ferns Development 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, May 21 2017 When I made the decision to go to two very different Bucklands Beach games this weekend, I thought they would both be quite one sided based on the table positions of the teams involved. The over […]

Ferns v Fellas

Football Ferns Development 4, Birkenhead United 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, April 2 2017 It was a tough call, no doubt about it. Pros and cons were carefully weighed up. Would the chosen league provide the best challenge? Would the move weaken the Northern League? What about player welfare? Would […]

Yeah, but what’s the solution?

ITBOTN has written extensively about the issues raised by Abby Erceg in announcing her international retirement due to what she sees as the undervaluing of women’s football by the national body – New Zealand Football. One of the significant problems she highlighted is the plight of local based players who […]

Shine bright like a diamond

Papatoetoe 2, Wellington United 3 Murdoch Park, Auckland, March 5 2017 Keep your TV cameras and your coffee machines that I’ll never win. Keep your ground announcers and your glossy programmes. Keep your ten teams from up and down the country vying to win national supremacy and your 700 flags […]

A question of priorities

This morning’s shock announcement by Abby Erceg of her international retirement speaks for itself really, but I couldn’t let it pass without making one or two observations of my own… If you haven’t already, please listen to her full interview on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show. Abby talks […]

One more for the road

New Zealand A 3, Thailand 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, December 20 2016 Way back on January 10 I watched my first football game of 2016 – Auckland City vs Southern United, in the sun at Kiwitea Street. It’s now twelve months later, give or take a week or two, […]

The main before the entree

New Zealand A 2, Thailand 0 Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, December 17 2016 The New Zealand national women’s ‘A’ team played a friendly against world number 32 ranked Thailand ahead of the Wellington Phoenix vs Western Sydney Wanderers A-League fixture at Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday. Some may have called […]

Is it 2016 or 1816?

It happened like this: First, British tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun’ nicks a whole lot of pics from the social media pages of Laura Merrin, kiwi footballer currently playing at Everton, and labels her “the world’s hottest footballer?” Then the New Zealand media picks it up, writing about it with a […]

The freedom to football

New Zealand 3, New Zealand Under 20 Selection 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, January 20 2016 Isn’t annual leave great? We must pause at this moment and give thanks to the first Labour government for implementing the first two weeks of it, the third Labour government for adding a third […]

Highlights, lowlights, smiles and skills

Northern Football 4, New Zealand Development 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 29 2015 The New Zealand women’s national football team just beat Brazil 1-0 IN BRAZIL! What a result! But what’s even more extraordinary is it wasn’t that surprising. It’s not a major upset. The Football Ferns are simply […]