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Coppa del Mondo

There’s a lot to like about the World Cup, but what I enjoy most is the way it turns so many allegiances and friendships on their head. Players I spend the other three years and 10 months out of each four year cycle despising with every fibre of my being, […]

Barcodes and acid trips

Anyone who knows me, or has caught sight of me out in public, knows that I’m the last person who should be held up as any sort of authority on the subject of fashion. As the saying goes however, I may not know much about art, but I know what […]

O Canada

New Zealand U20 3, Papua New Guinea U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 22 2014 It was back to Centre Park for me today to witness a World Cup qualification in person for the first time since 2005! New Zealand played Papua New Guinea in the last game of the […]

Where the bloody hell are ya?

New Zealand U20 12, Vanuatu U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 18 2014 What if I told you there is an international football tournament on right now, on your doorstep if you happen to live in Auckland, and the winner of this tournament goes to the WORLD CUP, and it’s […]

No problemo!

“When the media tell you it’s an easy group, that’s when you have to worry.”  – Cesare Prandelli Dear Cesare, It’s an easy group. Kind regards, Enzo. Uruguay, Costa Rica and some two-bit little island off the coast of France. No, not Ireland, the other one. Whatchamacallit with the turnips. What’s […]

Ten key learnings going forward

New Zealand 2, Mexico 4 (Mexico won 3-9 on aggregate) Estadio Westpac, Wellington, November 20 2013 Yesterday I learned ten things. 1. I learned that 35,000 people in a stadium who know their team is going to lose before a ball is even kicked can still have a good time […]


“It’s not over. It’s a long way from over” – James Spithill Thud. That was the sound of New Zealand football fans falling back down to terra firma after the heroics of South Africa three years ago. I didn’t live every moment with the boys. I couldn’t watch it live […]

Italy rules

In a few short weeks I will be sitting in Wellington’s cake tin watching the All Whites attempt to qualify for the World Cup. It will be a nail biting experience. If we win, it will be a celebration like no other – a feeling some people in other countries […]

94’s the aim

New Zealand 0, Australia 1 Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, May 30 1993 One of the greatest football memories of my life will always be screaming my lungs out along with 35,178 other football lovers at Westpac Stadium in Wellington for the All Whites’ World Cup qualification four years ago. I […]