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Some thoughts on Ronaldo and Portugal

‘Poetic justice’ perhaps isn’t a phrase you would immediately associate with Portugal’s Euro 2016 win against host nation France this week. This year’s Euros will be remembered for many things: Iceland, Will Grigg on Fire, tears, and moths. And it prominently didn’t begin on a good note, with ugly scenes […]

Zaza you wanker

“Kingi you wanker You asshole, I hate you heaps Please die soon, in pain.” – Ricky Baker In the film ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, Ricky Baker’s social worker encouraged him to work through his emotional issues by writing about his problems in haiku form. Given that I am currently coming […]

I want this one…

My prediction at the start of Euro 2016 was that this was Germany’s tournament to lose – unless they come up against Italy! And whaddaya know… They are coming up against Italy. Whether or not it’s still Gremany’s tournament to lose will be seriously put to the test on Sunday […]

Euro 2016: Group Stage Awards

With the Group Stage done, here’s a look back at the tournament so far. Best Game The opening games were tight and tense, although Dimitri Payet lit up the Stade De France with that late screamer in their 2 – 1 victory over Romania. Elsewhere Northern Ireland taking their first […]

Euro 2016: The ‘English Disease’

The truth is, we’ve gone so long without a tournament that’s been close enough to contract it that we forgot just how awful the English Disease can be when the symptoms manifest. Marseille 1998, Charleroi in 2000, Portugal 2004 and even the supposed bliss of Germany 2006. But in between […]

Early Doors

I didn’t want to go. I’d spent the last six weeks explaining why England have a great player problem, why England expect nothing and generally dismissing the tournament because it wasn’t available to me as a FanPass subscriber to Sky Sports. There was no good reason, no simple way, no […]

Blue Sky Thinking

In the mid-1980’s, Rupert Murdoch’s various media organs had it in for football. Even before 1989’s ‘The Truth’ headline and the all of the rancour that followed, the beautiful game was viewed as a ‘slum sport, played in slum stadiums and increasingly watched by slum people’. That all changed when […]