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Guest Post – Tangled up in blue

By Rod de Lisle In motor racing terms the Leicester Premiership win would be like a Ford Mondeo winning the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course company reps car wouldn’t make the starting line, but if they did, there might be the odd 5000/1 punt made, based only on the likelihood […]

Welcome to my world

It seems that lovers of the English Premier League are about to discover what it’s like to be a Serie A fan in New Zealand. Ever since ESPN lost the rights to show top flight Italian football in the Pacific Rim some four or five years ago, the Australasian rights […]

Guest Post – A letter to Rob

By Rod de Lisle To Rob Ferguson. (Ex Auckland University AFC and Forrest Hill Milford Utd stalwart). Hi Rob, Do you remember us watching black and white footie on your telly when we were 13? The mid-seventies in a Tokoroa winter when we picked a couple of average English football teams to […]

Man up

When I was thinking about starting a blog, one of the first things I promised myself was that I wasn’t going to write about Manchester United. My original thought came from, amongst other things, a frustration with going to the magazine shelf at the book shop, looking for something to […]

Iron Union

One of the several joys of Sky’s loss of the rights to broadcast the Premier League in New Zealand has been the unintended consequence of a fundamental shift in what’s easy. I’m not a natural Premier League fan, so I only watched EPL because it was there – but watch […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway

I purchased my “Premier League Pass” on Thursday. It wasn’t a difficult decision, and it was probably just a matter of time before I bit the bullet anyway, but what finally pushed me over the edge was this announcement from Sky, just 24 hours after the new kids on the […]

The world’s cuddliest fascist?

After years of searching it looks like I’ve finally found an English Premier League team to support – whoever is playing Sunderland. The appointment of Paolo Di Canio as their new manager is not as surprising as it is sad. It was inexorable that one, desperate for attention, top flight […]

Let’s hear it for the Moyes

“I am from a city (Glasgow) that is not unlike Liverpool. I am joining the people’s football club. The majority of people you meet on the street are Everton fans. It is a fantastic opportunity, something you dream about. I said ‘yes’ right away as it is such a big […]