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The Central premise

Central United 0, Eastern Suburbs 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, June 13 2015 Two grand old clubs played each other at Kiwitea Street today. Between the two of them they have won 12 Chatham Cups since 1951, when Eastern Suburbs won their first, five Northern Premier Leagues and two National Leagues. […]

The divining rod

Eastern Suburbs 4, Norwest United 1 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 24 2015 Sometimes it’s easy. I look at the draw for the round and go – “AHA! That’s the game I’m going to!” And other times, like this one, I literally don’t decide until I pull out of the driveway. […]

The generation game

North Shore United 0, Eastern Suburbs 2 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, April 19 2014 I have my older brother Nando to thank for my love of football. When I was a kid he introduced me to it in two ways. The first was through his love of the Italian National […]

Sunday the 13th

Eastern Suburbs 2, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, April 13 2014 My attendance at a close friend’s wedding yesterday kept me from Saturday football action. Before you say it, no, football wasn’t more important on this occasion – I was the best man so unable to pull the […]

Plan B… rilliant

Glenfield Rovers 1, Eastern Suburbs 0 Huapai Domain, Auckland, March 2 2014 Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s pretty tough being me sometimes. Sure, there are children dying of AIDS and starvation around the world, Russia and Ukraine are on the brink of war, and in Uganda you can now be executed […]

Suburbs supreme!

Three Kings United 1, Eastern Suburbs 2 Keith Hay Park, Auckland, August 4 2013 New Zealand Northern Regional Football League season 2013 has its first champions! Eastern Suburbs AFC wrapped up the Women’s Premier title today with two games to spare. It’s the club’s first senior premier league title for […]

Comparing apples with oranges…

Eastern Suburbs 5, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 12 2013 I’ve been a slack-arse lately. I didn’t cover any local football last weekend and I haven’t done a women’s game for over a month, therefore yesterday it was time for a little catch-up. So yesterday I developed […]

A league of their own

Eastern Suburbs 0, Glenfield Rovers 5 Madills Farm, Auckland, July 17 2011 In light of the Women’s World Cup final being tomorrow morning New Zealand time, I thought it might be a good time (better late than never) to attend, I’m ashamed to admit, my first game of women’s football. […]