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Glenfield Rovers 0, Birkenhead United 4 McFetridge Park, Auckland, June 5 2017 It has been suggested, on one or two… hundred occasions, that I am a one eyed Birkenhead United supporter. Or as one contributor to the Northern League Forum once put it after Birko gave me a shirt to […]

Rivalism Weekend – 3/3

Forrest Hill Milford 1, Glenfield Rovers 3 Becroft Park, Auckland, April 9 2017 Derbies are a lot like the words in the English language. Ever evolving, some of them are as old as the hills and yet while others may barely be five minutes old, it’s obvious that they are […]

Rivalism Weekend – 1/3

Mount Albert Ponsonby 3, Metro 2 Anderson Park, Auckland, April 8 2017 -ism (suffix) Used to form names of a tendency of behaviour, action, state, condition or opinion belonging to a class or group of persons, or the result of a doctrine, ideology or principle or lack thereof. – Wictionary Rivalism – first coined by […]

Piggy’s ghost

Waitakere United 1, Eastern Suburbs 1 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, January 29 2017 As regular readers would have heard me say often, I support two teams – Waikato and whoever is playing Auckland. This always presents a dilemma when watching two Auckland sides play. I am the kind of person who […]

Derby della Tron

Claudelands Rovers 2, Hamilton Wanderers 2 Galloway Park, Hamilton, May 1 2016 May the first is usually associated with one of two things – May poles, or trade unionists marching up Queen Street (up rather than down because it’s all about the struggle comrades) singing Solidarity Forever. But today, May […]


Melville United 1, Hamilton Wanderers 3 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 12 2015 The NRFL Premier season is almost over. There are only a handful of catch-up games left to play. The champions have been crowned. The relegation battles have been decided. The mid-table plodders have finished plodding. Everybody knows where […]

The Derby of Death

Glenfield Rovers 1, Birkenhead United 1 McFetridge Park, Auckland, May 16 2015 The Classico, the Superclassico, the Old Firm, the Derby della Capitale, the Merseyside Derby, the Intercontinental Derby, and the Derby of Death. These are the greatest rivalries of world football – the big seven. Which is the fiercest? […]

Guest Post – ANZAC Day is derby day

By Rod de Lisle It’s not very often that the respective personnel from Melville and Hamilton Wanderers football club agree on anything. After all, each club is a proverbial ‘Auld Enemy’ to each other, to be chided ruthlessly and defeated at all costs on the field.  Such is the nature […]

Taking the cake

Glen Eden Rangers 4, Ranui Swanson 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, March 7 2015 Roma vs Lazio, Celtic vs Rangers, Liverpool vs Everton, Boca Juniors vs River Plate, and Ranui Swanson vs Glen Eden. One of these things is not like the others. Ok, so this West Auckland Derby between […]

The Manu Hudson

Papakura City 1, Manurewa AFC 1 McLennan Park, Auckland, February 27 2014 Usually it’s quite hard to gauge how good a side is from their pre-season form but, if it’s ever possible to draw conclusions, perhaps you can on a night like last night when Papakura City played Manurewa with […]