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¡Vamos Waiheke!

Ranui Swanson 1, Waiheke United 4 Starling Park, Auckland, April 23 2016 Well, now I’ve seen everything. A full on ultras group of maniacs drumming and singing at the top of their lungs through an entire AFF/NFF Conference game. Not the A-League, not the ASB Premiership, and not the Chatham […]

The fortress of Eden

Wellington Phoenix 2, Adelaide United 1 Eden Park, Auckland, February 1 2014 18,056. Not too shabby, Auckland! It sure is great to be able to put one over those whiny Wellingtonians who are always carping on about how we can’t get a decent football crowd in the City of Sails. […]

How the other half lives

An overseas viewer of this blog could be forgiven for thinking, looking at the posts on local football, that New Zealand consists of, well, not very much really. A couple of shacks for football clubrooms. A few paddocks. A couple of hundred people at a stretch. But of course Association […]