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Guest Post – Hard to Beet

By Cordwainer Bull They served us beetroot for the entree at New Zealand Football’s 125th anniversary dinner. It was one of those pretentious haute cuisine dishes, lovingly titivated with colourful garnishes, and seemingly designed as much for photographing as eating. Not that beetroot was ever going to cut it as […]

Getting a Gong

New Zealand Football celebrated its 125th birthday on Wednesday night in the grand tearoom at Auckland’s Heritage Hotel. It was a wonderful evening (apart from the US Election result which I must admit did take the gloss off it very slightly) with great food, fine wine and exceptional company. The […]

Guest Post – Cracking the Code

By Cordwainer Bull A few weeks back I found myself drafting up a Code of Conduct for my club. It’s something required as a component part of the Quality Club Mark award – a laudable New Zealand Football initiative aimed at promoting best practice in the way football is delivered […]

Guest Post – #Top10ForTen

[Yellow Fever and Liverpool Football Club Wellington are celebrating ten years of the Phoenix by asking people to rank their top ten Phoenix players to raise awareness for the Wellington City Mission’s ten most needed items list. I thought it would be fun to ask Cordwainer Bull to give us […]

An eye opener

Hamilton Wanderers 0, Glenfield Rovers 1 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, August 6 2016 “So let me get this straight, the youngest member of the team has made the bus late.” “I know, 17 years old. He should be there early warming up all the seats for us.” Here I was, on […]

Guest Post – Waibop AGM

By Cordwainer Bull The WaiBop football federation has reported a record operating deficit of $203,000 to December 31, from expenditure of $2.014 million. That’s easily the highest loss in the history of the federation, dwarfing the $97,000 of 2003, though in contrast to that year, it drew no brooding or […]

Guest Post – Diminishing Fury

By Cordwainer Bull It’s an unfortunate back-handed tribute to Dave Cook that the AFC Fury club he founded has surrendured its northern league ambitions so soon after his own demise. Dave was the pulse of the club, and yesterday, barely weeks after his death, Auckland Football advised AFC Fury had […]

International stardom

Just a very quick post to draw readers’ attention to a couple of interviews with members of the family who one might refer to, in a technical sense, as ‘media sluts’… Firstly, regular ITBOTN guest poster Rod de Lisle was recently interviewed by another ITBOTN regular guest poster, Bruce […]

Guest Post – Cook’s recipe

[Yesterday I drafted up something of a tribute post to Dave Cook, Chairman of AFC Fury, who sadly passed away last Saturday. Given the sensitive nature of the topic, I wanted a second pair of eyes to take a look before I published it. So I sent it to Cordwainer Bull […]