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Scarves on Statues – Pioneer Woman

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] Another World Cup is over for Italy. I’m fine, thanks for asking. Oh alright then, you’ve got me – I’m not fine. It bloody sucks. The hardest thing to stomach is the cold hard reality of that potentially being the last […]

Scarves on Statues – Maori Warrior

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] This Māori Warrior situated in Queen Elizabeth Square, opposite the Auckland waterfront, is in my opinion extremely cool. Cast in 1967 by an artist by the name of Molly Macalister, it is New Zealand’s equivalent of the Statue of Liberty. Its […]

The Azzurri of the North Shore

East Coast Bays 2, Birkenhead United 1 Bay City Park, Auckland, June 21 2014 Hands up if you’re tired? Everyone, right? Phew. This week I have learned a very sad lesson – I’m not a teenager anymore. Whereas before I could get up at 4am every morning during the World […]

No problemo!

“When the media tell you it’s an easy group, that’s when you have to worry.”  – Cesare Prandelli Dear Cesare, It’s an easy group. Kind regards, Enzo. Uruguay, Costa Rica and some two-bit little island off the coast of France. No, not Ireland, the other one. Whatchamacallit with the turnips. What’s […]

Ten key learnings going forward

New Zealand 2, Mexico 4 (Mexico won 3-9 on aggregate) Estadio Westpac, Wellington, November 20 2013 Yesterday I learned ten things. 1. I learned that 35,000 people in a stadium who know their team is going to lose before a ball is even kicked can still have a good time […]

Italy rules

In a few short weeks I will be sitting in Wellington’s cake tin watching the All Whites attempt to qualify for the World Cup. It will be a nail biting experience. If we win, it will be a celebration like no other – a feeling some people in other countries […]