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A break in the weather

Eastern Suburbs 3, Tasman 0 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, February 12 2018 It’s been pouring with rain for a couple of days, the guttering on my house is struggling to cope with the deluge and, that being the case, it’s hard to imagine many suburban football grounds faring any better. […]

Life’s not so bad after all

Eastern Suburbs 4, Tasman United 2 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, December 4 2016 It’s fairly typical for my men’s national league give-a-stuff levels to be at their lowest ebb immediately after I’ve finished covering the women’s game for the year. The National Women’s League never fails to get my pulse […]

Enzo’s Rant – Summer or Winter?

[I was honoured when, a couple of months ago, Eastern Suburbs asked me to contribute a regular match day programme column for the duration of their first season back in the national league football fray. My brief was to be “slightly controversial or provocative”. This was music to my ears! I have […]

Soccer Italian Style

It was a hideous day in Auckland today. Cold and wet and, as if those two things weren’t enough, there were occasional claps of lightning followed by bellows of thunder. But out at Bill McKinlay Park in Panmure stood two guys who, despite living in a country where it’s the […]

Walzing Matildas

New Zealand 2, Australia 3 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, February 12 2015 How predictable was that title? Much more predictable than this game turned out to be! Australia. The Auld Frienemy. There is no doubt that when New Zealand plays Australia at anything from Rugby Union to tiddlywinks, we want […]

The wisdom of Fred Dagg

New Zealand 1, Korea DPR 1 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, February 8 2015 As a very wise man, by the name of Fred Dagg, once said – “we don’t know how lucky we are” to have this great country of ours. It’s no cliché. Well… it is, in fact a […]

Retro Sunday

Wanderers SC 1, Team Wellington 4 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, December 14 2014 A couple of weeks ago I compiled a post packed full of photographs and memories of and about Newmarket Park – the home of New Zealand football in the 1960s and ‘70s. It was hugely popular as […]

Party poopers

Bohemian Celtic 3, Waitemata AFC 1 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, August 17 2013 The theory: If I play my cards right, I can time my football viewing over the next few weeks so that I can cover all the victory celebrations and trophy presentations in all the various divisions of […]

This is not the National League

It’s much, much better. Papakura City 2, Claudelands Rovers 3 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, March 16 2013 There’s a big final on this weekend and there’s nothing else like them! The pressure, the drama, the atmosphere, the anticipation of two top sides clashing head to head. It’s the day that […]