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A VARy strange ending

Forrest Hill Milford 1, Western Springs 0 Becroft Park, Auckland, August 12 2018 Sunday was a gloriously sunny winter’s day that saw me finally get out and watch what was shamefully only the second full reserves game I have seen in my life. Of course, my reason for attending this […]

Ugly ducklings

Forrest Hill Milford 2, Fencibles 5 Becroft Park, Auckland, June 9 2018 Typical. Last week I went to a cup tie between two teams that have 20 league positions between them on the New Zealand football hierarchy, and the game went all the way to a penalty shootout. Today I […]

Rivalism Weekend – 3/3

Forrest Hill Milford 1, Glenfield Rovers 3 Becroft Park, Auckland, April 9 2017 Derbies are a lot like the words in the English language. Ever evolving, some of them are as old as the hills and yet while others may barely be five minutes old, it’s obvious that they are […]

Rivalism Weekend – 2/3

Forrest Hill Milford 4, Glenfield Rovers 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, April 9 2017 I’m not a morning person. I can’t stress that enough. This is why football works so well for me. It’s an afternoon game. As a general rule, no Sunday morning sleep-ins are harmed in the making of […]

Bend it like Mulligan

Forrest Hill Milford 2, North Shore United 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, August 22 2015 If you’re going to win a league you might as well do it with some style I would have thought. I’m just guessing. Teams I support don’t tend to win leagues very often. But I imagine […]

Number two

Forrest Hill Milford 2, Coastal Spirit 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, July 20 2014 What makes a good game of football? There are obviously lots of factors. The team you support winning is an obvious prerequisite, and if it’s a come-from-behind victory then all the better. A close contest with both […]

Becroft blitz

Forrest Hill Milford 5, Claudelands Rovers 0 Becroft Park, Auckland, April 6 2014 After checking out the prime movers and shakers in the men’s premier division of the NRFL yesterday, it would have been remiss of me not to also catch the women’s premier equivalent today. This of course could […]