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Grounds for complaint

A slightly alarming story appeared on Stuff yesterday that will no doubt have the football community up in arms. According to Steve Kilgallon and Dileepa Fonseka, there are moves afoot to fund Auckland’s plan to prize speedway out of Western Springs using between $6.8 and $9.3 million from the parks […]

Mixing sport and politics

Auckland Council 36, New Zealand Parliament 21 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, May 4 2014 They say that sport and politics don’t mix, but there is an exception that proves every rule and, given it’s also a silly rule to begin with, I’m going to indulge in a little passive resistance here […]

State of the nation*

[*Nation meaning the Republic of Auckland AKA the Super City AKA the centre of the known universe AKA as far and wide as I could be bothered driving – sorry Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland.] Manukau City took to Facebook last week to vent their frustrations with the difficulty […]