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Auckland City 1, Wellington Phoenix 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, September 28 2013 Oh dear, we’ll never hear the bloody end of this… Auckland City FC’s fan base contains a section of folks who are absolutely convinced that their team is better than the Phoenix, belongs in the A League, and […]

Two for the price of one

Waitakere United 2, Auckland City 1 Northern 3, Waikato Bay of Plenty 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, October 28 2012 There’s a first time for everything. I have never had to pay to get into domestic women’s football before, but at today’s National Women’s League match between Northern and Waikato […]


Auckland City FC 2, AS Tefana 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, April 29 2012 If big finals are your thing and Auckland is your town you were spoiled rotten this weekend. Following on from last night’s NZFC Final, today was the first leg of the Oceania Football Confederation Champions League Final […]

A brief tribute to the Ultras of Auckland

The dictionary definition of an ultra is an ‘extremist’. The more football oriented definition would be a ‘devoted fan’. There are only three hard and fast rules: Attend every game of your chosen club, stand for the duration and never stop singing. What they lack in numbers, the Ultras of Auckland City FC more […]