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Auckland Tanty

Waitakere United 4, Auckland City 1 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, February 26 2017 Waitakere came back from a goal down to beat Auckland City 4-1 yesterday, in what had to be one of the most sensational capitulations you will ever see from a team with the pedigree of Auckland City FC. […]

Conspicuous absence

Auckland City 4, Hamilton Wanderers 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, 19 February 2017 It’s been a long while since last I set foot at Kiwitea Street. Too long, some would say – myself included! I know how this must look to City fans. Auckland City are playing Hamilton Wanderers. There were […]

Total Gridlock

Away days are an integral part of football culture. You only need scan the multitudes of Twitter and Facebook accounts focusing on the travels of supporters from the very pinnacle of the game to the lowest and most local levels. It’s hard to quantify exactly what it is about ‘the […]

Guest Post – The Birko Recipe

[Following on from John’s excellent post about his experience reaching out to the local community to build support for Auckland City FC, I thought it might be cool to ask a few other clubs to tell us about what they do. With more people sharing what works for them, there might be […]

The Draw

A football match without goals is somehow incomplete. Obviously the point of the game is to score at least one more than your opponent and the 0 – 0 draw is often used by those who criticise the game as proof that football is, at heart, boring. Because sometimes nothing […]

Derby Day Disaster/Delight

Well, that didn’t go as planned. It had been two years, eight months and fourteen days since Waitakere had last beaten Auckland City. For a local derby game, that sort of eliminates the fun part. Like when Manchester United were good and Manchester City were rubbish and the derbies were […]

Lift Off

  With just under three weeks until the Stirling Sports Premiership kicks off, today saw representatives of the new ten team league converge on Auckland to film their Sky Sports promo video and meet the media as part of New Zealand Football’s official launch. It’s a busy week for NZF, with […]

Dominance & Decline

Into the NZFC final we went. We were on a roll, not having lost a game since January 2015. We were beaten. Matt Calcott shrewdly noting the Auckland back four was relatively untested as a unit, potentially wobbly under pressure. It wasn’t quite the fall of Del Bosque’s tiki-taka steamroller […]