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Didn’t. Died.

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, February 7 2016 It was a do or die game for WaiBOP United, the pundits told us. From a WaiBOP fan’s point of view – we didn’t, so I guess that means we died. Not entirely – there is still a […]

Biased Match Report: Too Hot

Every pom gets badly sunburned in New Zealand at least once. For me last Christmas day on the beach at Nelson was that once, having failed to reapply after having a dip. I was redder than a card dished out late on in a Waitakere game with a burn more aggressive […]

Red and blue collar crime

WaiBOP United 3, Southern United 0 Waikato Stadium, January 14 2016 WaiBOP victories? Oh, they are soooo last season. Sure, before 2014/15 I had never seen one in my life, but now I’ve seen HUNDREDS of them! How predictable they are, how clichéd and almost monotonous! Whatever happened to those […]

The wrath of the whatever

Auckland City 3, Southern United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, January 10 2016 As with 2015, my first game of 2016 is at Kiwitea Street. To be honest though, this was a match I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for. I think it might be the first time I have […]

Opportunity costs

OK – Last post about the ASB Premiership for a while! Well, that is, until I go to a game on Sunday… First of all I have to congratulate the new teams that made the cut – Eastern Suburbs, Hamilton Wanderers and Tasman. They all made very strong cases and, […]

Decision time has secured an exclusive photograph of New Zealand Football’s expert panel making its carefully considered decision about which of the applications for the 2016/17 ASB Premiership to accept…

The case for Tasman United

By Mark Sheehan As you know, New Zealand’s sunshine capital has submitted an application for a license to the 2016/2017 ASB premiership. The application has come from Nelson Bays Football who are essentially the governing body locally under the name Tasman United. The Tasman United catchment encompasses the top of […]

The case for Eastern Suburbs

By Chris Ruffell During 2015 NZF undertook club input throughout the country around the preferred structure of the current National League. One common theme throughout was a desire to have promotion / relegation at the core of any changes. Based on 2015 results Eastern Suburbs AFC, Napier City Rovers and Cashmere […]