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When two tribes go to war…

AS Roma 3, SS Lazio 2 Stadio Olimpico, Rome, October 31 2007 It’s hard to describe just what a derby means to a fan. To put it into cold, emotionless black and white words on paper can’t convey the intensity of feeling without it somehow seeming pathetic to the reader. […]

A little give and take

The transfer window is a curious time of year. A time to farewell much loved family members, welcome fresh blood and say good riddance to those we claim to have never liked to begin with. It is a time of excitement and expectation. Rumours, 90% of which turn out to […]

Only love can break your heart

I haven’t written much for a while. It’s partly because I’ve been busy trying to overthrow the New Zealand government (at the ballot box of course), but it’s mostly because I have been grumpy. Grumpy with the completely bloody miserable football season we’ve just endured. It started with Italy’s dismal […]