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Scarves on Statues – Dame Edna

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] HELLOOOOOOOOO POSSUMS!! Scarves on Statues is BACK but merely for a one time only cameo. I couldn’t help myself. Having been in Melbourne for the past seven days there were so many opportunities to adorn statues with Roma scarves that I […]

Roma down under

I might not be blogging much, if at all, for the next week or so, and I certainly won’t be attending any NRFL this weekend. This is due to my favourite football team in the known universe (and the unknown part of it too) being down under for a couple […]

RIP the Champions League on ESPN

Back on the 13th of June beIN Sports presenter Adriano Del Monte announced, via his Twitter account, that his company had secured the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in Australia. My heart sank. I knew that it almost certainly meant the end for Europe’s premiere football competition on […]

Coaches say the darndest things

Is there anything more banal than a press conference with a football coach? I don’t know why anyone bothers with them. With a few notable exceptions, where the odd coach has been known to lose the plot, in general they tend towards the bland and vanilla. Soft arse questions batted […]

Form follows function

Form is a mysterious thing sometimes. You’re either in it or you’re not, and how you get in or out of it is often a mystery to most people, myself included. At some point during season 2014/15, Roma went into a funk and have not as yet emerged. After having […]

I’m fine really

“I will be watching Roma vs Bayern Munich tonight when I get home. In the meantime, any person or persons I deem responsible for either knowingly or unknowingly allowing me to know the result and/or score and/or any other detail of the match regardless of the significance of said detail […]

Scarves on Statues – Finito

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] There comes a time in the career of every great artist when enough is enough. There are no more nudes left to paint, no more saints to sculpt, no more soup cans to randomly arrange. No more porcelain to adorn, no […]

Scarves on Statues – Sir Edmund Hillary

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was arguably the greatest New Zealander who ever lived. Along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay he was one of the first two human beings to climb to the roof of the world and stand on the summit of […]

Keeping score

Earlier in the year I did a prediction post answering questions posed by a fellow Roma fan about what sort of season our beloved Lupi would have in 2013/14. Obviously there’s no point doing a prediction post unless there is some accountability once all is done and dusted and therefore […]