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Chewing on the Hud

So today, in a thoroughly unsurprising development, New Zealand Football announced that Anthony Hudson’s tenure as All Whites coach is over. It was always going to be thus, one feels. He’s an ambitious guy. We were always a stepping stone to something else. And for a man who so carefully […]

Tea motherf***er!

I saw this photo on Twitter on Friday and, I gotta say, try as I might I quite simply cannot in good conscience let this one go through to the keeper. Is that tea he’s drinking??? By joves old bean I think it is! The coach of the New Zealand […]

Hudson’s Herbert Moment

It’s been four years since the ‘Horror of Honiara’. The All Whites coach of 2012, Ricki Herbert, is currently head coach of the Maldives National team, placed one higher than New Zealand in the rankings. So, that’s a promising start. It’s not been easy for Anthony Hudson. His complaint about […]

Guest Post – Good on you Anthony Hudson

By Wilson Hawes There has been a tidal wave of comment from both within and outside the football world on Anthony Hudson’s recent statements about the preparedness of NZ footballers, mentally, for the rigors of top-flight football. There has been a wide range of opinion expressed both supporting and disagreeing […]