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The real deal

North Shore 0, Melville 2 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, March 30 2018 After last week’s stuttering start to my official winter season, it felt great to be getting into it properly yesterday and even more so to be doing it at Allen Hill. Some of my best childhood football memories […]


North Shore 2, Western Springs 1 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, July 1 2017 It may be right up there with my favourite venues in Auckland to watch football at, but will I ever take a decent photo at Allen Hill Stadium? I’m beginning to think not. The place can’t get […]

Five of the most depressing

Last month I bowed to public pressure and wrote a post ranking my five favourite football grounds in New Zealand. In so doing, I also acknowledged requests for follow up pieces looking at the most improved, depressing, wind-blown and inaccessible grounds along with the best and worst stadium food. You’ll […]

Paradise lost

North Shore United 1, Mount Albert Ponsonby 2 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, July 23 2016 There are relegation six pointers and there are promotion six pointers – this was certainly the latter. With Waitakere’s ascension back into the top echelons of the Northern League all but assured, the race is […]

Guest Post – Cup catch-up: Part 1

North Shore United 1, Hamilton Wanderers 3 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, June 29 2014 [At the start of Chatham Cup season 2014, I resolved to follow the winner of each tie I attended right through to the final. After attending the preliminary round fixture that saw Bucklands Beach defeat Te […]

The generation game

North Shore United 0, Eastern Suburbs 2 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, April 19 2014 I have my older brother Nando to thank for my love of football. When I was a kid he introduced me to it in two ways. The first was through his love of the Italian National […]

Winter heat

North Shore United 2, Melville United 1 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, May 19 2013 Allen Hill Stadium holds a lot of fond memories for me of trials and tribulations of various Waikato sides dating back to the days of the old National League and Superclub competitions. I well recall top […]