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The problem with rugby

“If I was prime minister of New Zealand I would ban football and make rugby compulsory for boys and girls.” – John Campbell Last week, Bryce Edwards devoted his weekly political roundup in the New Zealand Herald to ‘The left’s problem with rugby’. Because, apparently, it’s a thing. It must be, […]

Two world wars and one world cup

This was always going to be a looooong week. Ever since it was known that Italy would face England in the quarter finals of Euro 2012, Azzurri supporters have known exactly what to expect. An alien from the planet Tharg could be forgiven for thinking that 46 years since their […]

How the other half lives

An overseas viewer of this blog could be forgiven for thinking, looking at the posts on local football, that New Zealand consists of, well, not very much really. A couple of shacks for football clubrooms. A few paddocks. A couple of hundred people at a stretch. But of course Association […]