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Throwback Thursday: Video Kingz

Professional football in New Zealand will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019 which, despite the relative fragility of the status of the Wellington Phoenix in the Australian A-League, is no mean achievement. We’ve looked at the Football Kingz before, particularly the promo adverts which could not be any more turn of […]

The gumboots, the swandris and the Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix 3, Central Coast Mariners 0 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 10 2016 Unlike my abysmal record watching Waikato teams live, my record at Phoenix games is quite good. I very rarely see them lose. So my presence on the sidelines, as New Zealand’s only professional football team played their […]

Guest Post – Who are ya?

By Andrew French So, why am I putting this out into the digital ether? Well,  I suspect the Phoenix are entering a seminal moment in their brief history. To some, this may seem a strange thing to say in light of the certainty of the newly secured 10 year (4+3+3) […]

Throwback Thursday: Phoenix Fightback

Disappointing is one word you could use to describe the New Zealand contribution to the first two years of the A League. The ill-fated Knights had finished rock bottom twice, with attendances dropping into three figures at times. Their license to compete was eventually rescinded by the FFA in January […]


I was four when ninety six football supporters left their houses for a semi-final and didn’t return home again. I wasn’t yet a supporter, the game hadn’t sunk itself into me at that point. But even as I grew up, blinking in the light of the Premier League’s blinding self-promotion, […]

Around the Forums – Dark times

There is a theory that football clubs are families and that football lovers the world over are one gigantic family. Not always a happy family – there are in-laws and outlaws – but a family none the less. And an injury to one is an injury to all. If that’s true, the death of a football club is a death in the family – and whatever kind of family you are in, we all know it’s the hard times that bring us together.

Spontaneous combustion

Wellington Phoenix 0, Melbourne City 2 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, May 3 2015 Obviously that was suboptimal. At one end of the scale of importance was my own disappointment. I only tend to see the Phoenix play at the Cake Tin once per year. For that occasion in season 2014/15 to […]