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Peace in our time!

Albany United 1, Hamilton Wanderers 5 Rosedale Park, Auckland, June 3 2013 This game wasn’t my first Chatham Cup choice this weekend. I was initially intending to take in Air Force vs Glenfield Rovers at Whenuapai Air Base, which seemed like an interesting and different cup experience. I had plenty […]

Guest Post – Bye bye Becks

By Ella Reilly If you were unlucky enough to stick your head into my bedroom when I was a teenager, you would probably have swiftly withdrawn it, a little overwhelmed. Not necessarily at the (careful co-ordinated) clutter, but rather at the plethora of posters featuring the same Englishman. Glance at […]

Scarves on Statues – I Ragazzi della Sud

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] The statue, on the North Island of New Zealand’s rugged West Coast, is part of a circle of four Maori sculptures on the cliff tops above Whaingaroa, or Raglan Harbour. Together, they represent the four points of the compass. North, South, […]

Warking the talk

Warkworth AFC 0, Claudelands Rovers 6 Shoesmith Reserve, Warkworth, May 26 2013 13-0, 14-0 – two of the winning margins Claudelands Rovers have run up this season against their peers in the Northern Women’s Premier competition. They’ve played six games in their league so far, and, with a game in […]

Scarves on Statues – Keith Holyoake

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] “Kiwi” Keith Holyoake was Prime Minister of New Zealand for 12 years from 1960 until 1972, to date our third longest serving PM. There was some good – he presided over the abolition of the death penalty. Some bad – he […]

Winter heat

North Shore United 2, Melville United 1 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, May 19 2013 Allen Hill Stadium holds a lot of fond memories for me of trials and tribulations of various Waikato sides dating back to the days of the old National League and Superclub competitions. I well recall top […]

Southern comfort

Mangere United 3, Western Springs 0 Centre Park, Auckland, May 18 2013 One of the funny things unique to football is no matter the score, every game has the capacity to thrill you, or not. A 0-0 can be dour and boring, or it can have you gripping the edge […]

Scarves on Statues – Lupo Capitolino

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] The Capitoline Wolf, situated in the Capitoline Museum on Rome’s Capitoline Hill, is unsurprisingly the symbol of Italy’s capital city and its football club. It depicts the legendary figures of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf after they washed […]

Comparing apples with oranges…

Eastern Suburbs 5, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, May 12 2013 I’ve been a slack-arse lately. I didn’t cover any local football last weekend and I haven’t done a women’s game for over a month, therefore yesterday it was time for a little catch-up. So yesterday I developed […]

Counter punch

Metro FC 5, Bay Olympic 2 Phyllis Street, Auckland, May 12 2013 2-0 is often thought of as the most dangerous lead in football, and for good reason. You think you’ve got it made so you sit back and defend, safe in the knowledge that while your opponents might manage […]