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Ten key learnings going forward

New Zealand 2, Mexico 4 (Mexico won 3-9 on aggregate) Estadio Westpac, Wellington, November 20 2013 Yesterday I learned ten things. 1. I learned that 35,000 people in a stadium who know their team is going to lose before a ball is even kicked can still have a good time […]

Guest Post – RE: Guest Players

By David Cook “Any player who is not a New Zealand citizen or who does not hold a permanent resident permit, and requires an ITC (International Transfer Certificate)  to play in New Zealand, is to be regarded as a “Guest Player.” – NZF Regulation 5. 13.1 As most people know, […]

No justice among men

Auckland City 3, WaiBOP United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, November 17 2013 Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I said I’d go to Auckland vs Central in the National Women’s League today, and I know I’ve been whinging for months on here about how uninspiring the ASB Premiership is these days […]


“It’s not over. It’s a long way from over” – James Spithill Thud. That was the sound of New Zealand football fans falling back down to terra firma after the heroics of South Africa three years ago. I didn’t live every moment with the boys. I couldn’t watch it live […]

Fantasy Serie Apdate

At the start of the season, I said that if the official Fantasy Serie A league filled up to its maximum 20 participants, I would embed the points table in the sidebar of the blog for all to monitor progress. The threat obviously hasn’t been carried out, but I […]

Battle of the bridge

Auckland Football 0, Northern Football 2 William Green Domain, Auckland, November 11 2013 Another Sunday, another Auckland Football Federation National Women’s League game. It’s starting to feel a bit like I’m following these JAFA ladies all over the country, and in a sense I am, but it’s only because they […]

I don’t do previews

[This was written a couple of weeks ago for the WaiBOP match-day programme for their double header at Rotorua International Stadium tomorrow. Due to space restrictions they won’t be using it, so I’m posting it here instead] Being a fanatic supporter of Waikato/Bay of Plenty sports teams is never supposed […]