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Waitak v WaiBOP

Waitakere United 3, WaiBOP United 0 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, December 14 2013 As I sort of predicted two weeks ago, WaiBOP United beat Southern last week with me not in attendance, and then proceeded to fall 3-0 to Waitakere United today, despite not really deserving to, with me there. […]

No problemo!

“When the media tell you it’s an easy group, that’s when you have to worry.”  – Cesare Prandelli Dear Cesare, It’s an easy group. Kind regards, Enzo. Uruguay, Costa Rica and some two-bit little island off the coast of France. No, not Ireland, the other one. Whatchamacallit with the turnips. What’s […]

Regime change

Northern Football 2, Mainland Pride 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, December 8 2013 The New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup, the Chatham Cup, and now the National Women’s League – what a hat-trick! The balance of power when it comes to football in New Zealand is shifting south of the Cook […]

I need a hero

[This piece was originally published over at Roma Journal, an international fan site that picks up all my AS Roma related ramblings] I own many AS Roma shirts, and they all mean something to me for different reasons. The first one I ever owned. The one from the season I went […]

Oh, good grief!

Wanderers SC 3, WaiBOP United 3 North Harbour Stadium, December 1 2013 If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… No, really, I’ve said it at least a thousand times… Probably more like ten thousand actually. Following Waikato sport is all about learning to cope with misery. […]

My two cents

Everyone seems to be throwing in their two cents worth on ‘what’s wrong with New Zealand Football’ at the moment, therefore I don’t see what should make me any different. Gareth Morgan’s piece today was another in a long line of articles by various pundits that have contained plenty I […]

RIP my Sony Alpha 65

WaiBOP United 0, Hawkes Ba… This post is dedicated to the memory of my trusty a65. Its first football game was Hawkes Bay United vs Team Wellington at Park Island, Napier. Almost two years later it has shot its last, fittingly also a Hawkes Bay United game, in Cambridge. The […]