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When two tribes go to war…

AS Roma 3, SS Lazio 2 Stadio Olimpico, Rome, October 31 2007 It’s hard to describe just what a derby means to a fan. To put it into cold, emotionless black and white words on paper can’t convey the intensity of feeling without it somehow seeming pathetic to the reader. […]

Internazionale di Milano

Internazionale di Milano Oh how much I despise you All the diving and faking All the piss you keep taking The long line of bastardi Brought in by Moratti For chopping legs with a dictum To when caught, act the victim Calciopoli hacking Outed referee stacking Sent the Old Lady […]

How the other half lives

An overseas viewer of this blog could be forgiven for thinking, looking at the posts on local football, that New Zealand consists of, well, not very much really. A couple of shacks for football clubrooms. A few paddocks. A couple of hundred people at a stretch. But of course Association […]

Swanning around

Forrest Hill Milford 1, Bay Olympic 6 Becroft Park, Auckland, September 3 2011 Yesterday I decided that given this is the last weekend of the New Zealand winter football season, I should probably get my butt off to a game. After all, it will be a month or two before […]

A little give and take

The transfer window is a curious time of year. A time to farewell much loved family members, welcome fresh blood and say good riddance to those we claim to have never liked to begin with. It is a time of excitement and expectation. Rumours, 90% of which turn out to […]

A man’s game

What is it that the Obama family are watching so intently here in the residence of the White House?  Some international crisis unfolding? A session of the US Congress? The Superbowl? Would you believe me if I told you it’s a game of ‘sawccerr’? What about if I told you […]

A league of their own

Eastern Suburbs 0, Glenfield Rovers 5 Madills Farm, Auckland, July 17 2011 In light of the Women’s World Cup final being tomorrow morning New Zealand time, I thought it might be a good time (better late than never) to attend, I’m ashamed to admit, my first game of women’s football. […]

Campioni del mondo!

It’s strange how life works out sometimes. When the final whistle blew in Italy’s 1-1 draw with the USA in the group stage of the 2006 World Cup, 24 years since their last World Cup triumph, I turned to my brother and said “that’s it”. I didn’t mean the end […]