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Ever since they made their debut, in the back of the net t-shirts have been selling like hotcakes! Thanks Enzo’s mum, and the three others who have bought them.

On the back of this roaring success, we have now updated the merchandise store with a new range of men’s and women’s apparel featuring our fantastic new branding, as imagined by the talented Sam Jenkins from Designer Football.

Every sale includes a $10 donation to help pay our running costs.

  • 2-3 sales pays for the domain mapping that makes the most of the cool URL.
  • Another 4 after that and we can renew the custom design that makes the place look so puuuuurrty.
  • Another 8 after that and maybe we can renew the 25GB space upgrade that allows me to post so many large high resolution photos that I know you love so much – because there are heaps of them floating around the net as Twitter and Facebook avatars.

Pretty doable, right?

Well, get stuck in then! No pressure. It’s only our self-respect at stake…

Order here:

Thanks for your support!

– Enzo

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