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Ever since they made their debut a few months back, the first generation t-shirts have been selling like hotcakes! Thanks mum, and the three others who have bought them.

In all seriousness, sales so far have provided a princely profit of $25, which ain’t nothing – it’s almost enough to pay WordPress to keep the site free of advertising for another year. I am truly very grateful for that.

But we can do better!

In that spirit, and given the popularity of the new ‘boot’ logo, I have added four new products to see if they might prove more ‘commercial’. There is now a stylish ¾ sleeved two-tone tee, two plain white or grey marle options in both men’s and women’s cuts, and a claaaaaassy hoodie that any armed robber would be proud to wear.


  • Another 2-3 sales and I can renew the domain mapping that makes the most of the cool URL.
  • Another 4 after that and I can renew the custom design that makes the place look so puuuuurrty.
  • Another 8 after that and maybe we can renew the 25GB space upgrade that allows me to post so many large high resolution photos that I know you love so much – because there are heaps of them floating around the net as Twitter and Facebook avatars.

Pretty doable, right?

Well, get stuck in then! No pressure. It’s only my self-respect at stake…

Order here:


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