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Youth Football

A Franklin success

A reader contacted me yesterday to alert me to this piece in the Franklin and North Waikato Post. It’s about a talented young footballer from Waiuku, by the name of Jake McCoy, who appears to have a bright future ahead of him! The reader was keen to point out that […]

Why I Miss the Distraction

High school can be busy, especially when you add a few football teams into the mix. Sometimes, during the winter season, I find myself standing on a field in the driving rain at training when I know I have a pile of revision awaiting me at home. Sometimes, I do […]

A day in the mud

I didn’t really have any affiliation to a club as a kid.  Definitely not of the round ball variety.  So I wasn’t exposed to the excitement and joy that is a junior football tournament. This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Douglas Villa Junior Tournament.  I have […]

Tournament Week 2016

It is truly phenomenal how fast 5 days can fly past you, especially when said 5 days is filled with 8 football matches. This year, for the first time in an undocumented amount of years, my school’s First XI girls team competed in a satellite tournament for winter tournament week. […]

The Beauty of School Football

In New Zealand, playing youth girls football, I have been given the chance to do as many of my male school colleagues cannot; I can represent a club side and my school. The thing is, we (my school’s first XI) often find ourselves unable to persuade club players to kit […]