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Once Every Four Years

‘Tis the night before Russia 2018, and Spain has just fired the coach of their team. The world is obsessed with Nigeria’s kits, and Twitter is filling with footballing gifs. England are trying not to get their hopes up, for the approximate fortnight they’ll be in the Cup. Sweepstakes are […]

Throwback Thursday: Video Kingz

Professional football in New Zealand will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019 which, despite the relative fragility of the status of the Wellington Phoenix in the Australian A-League, is no mean achievement. We’ve looked at the Football Kingz before, particularly the promo adverts which could not be any more turn of […]

Throwback Thursday: Hit For Six

In Spain they call it ‘la manita’, the little hand. Five goals, without reply. When Barcelona put five past Real Madrid in 2010, the pictures in the papers the next day were of Pique, Busquets and Puyol with their hands raised towards their supporters.  The Phoenix had scored a finger […]

Throwback Thursday: “Au Revoir”

This year’s Nike advert, released to coincide with the Copa America and Euro 2016, is pretty good. Ronaldo collides with ball boy Charlie Lee, switches bodies, and both have to up their game to meet again.  It’s a return to form for Nike, whose 2014 effort included the Incredible Hulk […]

Throwback Thursday: The 90’s

New Zealand have faced England twice in international football. Given the apparently unending Union, League and cricket matches between the two, it’s surprising to find that the only encounters in football took place in 1991 as part of the New Zealand football’s centenary celebrations. 1991 wasn’t the best year for either side. […]

Throwback Thursday: Phoenix Fightback

Disappointing is one word you could use to describe the New Zealand contribution to the first two years of the A League. The ill-fated Knights had finished rock bottom twice, with attendances dropping into three figures at times. Their license to compete was eventually rescinded by the FFA in January […]

Throwback Thursday: Goutzioulis Golazo

George Goutzioulis got around a bit. As an Aussie with a Greek surname, he naturally sprang out of the Hellenic hotbed of football that is South Melbourne F.C. Representing South, he won the NSL in 1998 and 1999 under the management of future Socceroo’s coach Ange Postecoglou. He featured in […]