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This, as you know, is a football blog. Not a politics blog. It would not be at all appropriate to make any comment whatsoever here that relates in any way to the change of government that has just occurred in New Zealand. This is not a platform for me to […]

Dazza the plumber

There has been a measure of media coverage lately concerning the off field shenanigans of one or two practitioners of some variation of oval ball nonsense – or so I’m told. I haven’t taken much notice of it, to be completely honest, but I gather the offense was something along […]

Virgin Half Ironman

So I finally did it.  I entered in the Taupo Half Ironman.  I have little over three months to prepare myself physically and mentally.  I’m excited for the challenge. I didn’t just wake up today and decide I was going to enter.  A guy from work competed last year and […]

The Price

In 1893, West Bromwich Albion striker Willie Groves transferred to nearby Aston Villa. The price, an at the time unheard of £100. Twelve years later, in 1905, Sunderland striker Alf Commons became the first £1,000 player when he moved to Middlesbrough. It was another twenty-three years before Bolton’s David Jack cost Arsenal £10890 in […]

Tony Veitch & Toxicity

We’re a football blog, operating at the fringes of the New Zealand sporting media. But ITBOTN feels it has to talk about something important and make its position clear. Because some things are too important to be silent about. We believe that sport, and football in particular, is a beautiful thing […]


Auckland Aces 201 all out (batting second), Northern Knights 302/8 Eden Park, Auckland, January 3 2016 The first weekend in January is, tragically, one of the very rare times of the year when there is no football on in New Zealand. It’s a strange, empty feeling where the sense of […]

The problem with rugby

“If I was prime minister of New Zealand I would ban football and make rugby compulsory for boys and girls.” – John Campbell Last week, Bryce Edwards devoted his weekly political roundup in the New Zealand Herald to ‘The left’s problem with rugby’. Because, apparently, it’s a thing. It must be, […]

Football Isn’t Political

Football isn’t political. It’s sport. It’s exercise. It’s skill and talent and friendship and competition. For the spectator, it’s stories. The last minute winner, the wonder save, that bloody referee. The pain of defeat, the joy of a win. The frustration at two points dropped, the elation at one gained. […]

Address in reply

This morning I had a guest post appear on The Standard  – a popular left wing political blog – advocating for a change to the New Zealand flag and stumping for my suggestion that I have submitted to the Flag Consideration Project. I owe the folks over there a big […]

Don’t flag it

This is not a football post. In fact, it’s not even a post about sport. It’s a post about a rectangular piece of fabric that has a little bit to do with sport, but it’s such a small amount that I’m not even going to bother drawing that particular bow. […]