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From Gumboots to Glitz.

Life has a habit of speeding past, much more quickly than we think. So, after many years shooing each of our five kids off to school, this is the year when the youngest, Jason, my 17 old stepson will finish high school education,  thus bringing down the curtain on my […]

Football Obscura

Many of us afficienados like to watch football, any football whether it on the telly or any sort of live game. I do have a penchant for visiting obscure, scruffy, lowbrow football venues, (being rather scruffy and lowbrow myself). I’m a bit like my mate Dale, who confesses to being […]

Why I Miss the Distraction

High school can be busy, especially when you add a few football teams into the mix. Sometimes, during the winter season, I find myself standing on a field in the driving rain at training when I know I have a pile of revision awaiting me at home. Sometimes, I do […]

The Beauty of School Football

In New Zealand, playing youth girls football, I have been given the chance to do as many of my male school colleagues cannot; I can represent a club side and my school. The thing is, we (my school’s first XI) often find ourselves unable to persuade club players to kit […]

Things change

Wellington Girls College 1, Heretaunga College 1 Wakefield Park, Wellington, June 15 2016 So I’m in Wellington for two days at a national staff meeting for work. No plans exist for football to play any part in my life while I’m here, apart from a bite to eat for dinner […]

Friday Night Lights

Sacred Heart v St Peters Auckland AKSS Football Premier Boys League Bill McKinlay Park, Panmure – 7pm For most clubs the season is well underway already, with the Chatham Cup Round One taking place this time next week. However, for one league of teams Friday night saw the curtain raiser […]