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Butterflies, sprinklers and Jules Rimet

Auckland City 5, Tasman United 2 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, December 16 2017 Kiwitea Street was the setting of my last organised football game of 2017. Auckland City’s title clinching National Youth League fixture against Tasman United yesterday was my 36th men’s game of the year – and there have been […]

Ten goals for $10

Hamilton Wanderers 6, Hawkes Bay United 4 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 18 2016 (Title shamelessly pilfered from Grant Stantiall) Some might say I was unduly harsh on Hamilton Wanderers last week. It was the first time I had ever seen them play in the Stirling Sports Premiership and, based on […]

Who’s getting it?

Auckland United 1, Nelson Marlborough Falcons 1 Centre Park, Auckland, December 13 2015 As you are no doubt aware, for one because this blog has been all over it like a rash in the last few days, New Zealand Football are soon to announce two shiny new ASB Premiership franchises. […]

Back to kindergarten

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, December 6 2015 I wasn’t going to write anything about last night’s A-League game at North Harbour Stadium. This is mostly due to the fact that I was in a huff because the FFA rejected my application for photographer credentials for […]

The third best club in the world

Auckland City 2, Waitakere United 2 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, December 21 2014 Not many true football fans will admit that their favourite club is not the best, not even the second best, but merely the THIRD best team in the world. But that’s exactly what I’d bet dollars to doughnuts […]

Sorry WaiBOP…

Waitakere United Youth 2, WaiBOP United Youth 2 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, February 6 2014 I’ve just had a quick look back through all the ASB Premiership, ASB Youth League and National Women’s League games I have attended featuring my home province since starting this blog. Oh. My. God. As […]

Two teams in Waitakere

Auckland City 3, Auckland United 1 Croatian Cultural Society, Auckland, January 26 2014 One team in Waitakere, There’s only one team in Waitakere, One team in Waitakereeeeeeeeeee, There’s only one team in Waitakere… Such was the tune of the Ultras of Auckland City last time I paid a visit to […]

The pride of South Auckland

Auckland United Youth 3, Waitakere United Youth 1 Centre Park, Auckland, January 12 2014 Auckland has had a City playing in blue for almost a decade, and as of today, looking every bit the part in their red shirts and black shorts, it now also has a United to complete […]