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The Super City Meh-by

This years first Super City Derby saw something of an inversion of last season’s blockbusting meltdown at the Trusts Arena. There’s been some, apparently minor, changes to both teams since the end of the 2016/17 season and yet both teams appeared not be to be chasing shadows, as chasing shadows […]

The Two Minute Ripoff

Remember Khair Jones absolutely blootering in a goal for Hawkes Bay United against WaiBOP a couple of years back? Here it is. Or how about Paul Ifill’s first goal in nearly three years? There you go. Maybe that utterly bonkers 6 – 6 semi-final between Team Wellington and Waitakere United? […]

Ten Years On: That Tackle

Warning: Contains Graphic Content. There was an overlooked reunion in this year’s OFC Champions League Group B. The match itself was a surprisingly tight game between Western United and Auckland City, decided by a late, hotly contested, Emiliano Tade penalty. In the technical area of the Solomon Island side however, […]

The Numbers Game

Well, this was bound to happen. Following my last post about nostalgia, I was contacted by Andrew Voerman of who let me know he was working on a stats update for the NZFC using a copy of the ASB_Premiership_Media_Guide_Web_2011-12_v2 and Soccerway. I started digging and came up with the […]

The Nostalgia Game

Football, the game, is about the result. It’s about striving to get the win, earn the points needed or desired. There’s a lot of complication beyond that, obviously, with home and away legs, goal difference and the various computations regarding league positions, promotion and relegation. But the game itself is […]

OFCh-ch-ch changes…

Changes afoot at the Oceania Football Confederation regarding foreign players, changes which have seen New Zealand Football begin the process of bringing their own regulations into line. As Philip Rollo reports, OFC have cut the number of foreign players allowed in Champions League match-day squads to just 3, with 1 […]

Together Everyone Achieves More

I often think it’s odd when spectators and fans say they are ‘part of the team’ in relation to sports.  Fans don’t train, they don’t play, and they don’t coach or provide medical or managerial assistance.  Fans show up once a week to watch the team and provide support.  The […]

The plan, Stan

New Zealand Football have released a new plan for the next three years’ worth of national competitions and there is something quite remarkable about it – I agree with almost every word! The highlights from my perspective are: The National Women’s League will stay federation based for now and move […]

The Repeat Rematch

The day after final day last year I noted that Auckland City had lost three games in fourteen months – a problem most supporters would be delighted with. A year on and the Navy Blues have lost five games, including yesterday afternoon’s Stirling Sports Premiership Grand Final. To Team Wellington. […]