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Smith’s Dream

Tasman United 1 Coastal Spirit 4 Mainland Women’s Premier League Sunday 07 May 2017 Saxton Field, Stoke I made another dash across Cook Strait from my home in Wellington. This time to have a look at a Mainland Women’s Premier League (MWPL) match. I’d given up my chance at seeing […]


Tasman United 2 Coastal Spirit 3 Mainland Women’s Premier League Sunday 10 July 2016 Saxton Field, Stoke My third look at a match between Tasman United and Coastal Spirit this year. The first was the first match of the season, the second was serendipitous with Coastal Spirit playing a double […]


The attraction of three Coastal Spirit matches in as many days (including two premier league 1st v 2nd clashes) proved the motivation for a visit to Christchurch. A trip further enhanced when I discovered that one of my favourite bands Street Chant (from Auckland) would be playing the Christchurch leg […]

Tasman United via the Coastal Route

Tasman United are looking upwards.

Tasman United 0 Coastal Spirit 2 Mainland Women’s Premier League Saturday 26 March 2016 Tasman United will be one of the new sides in the next men’s National League, but they have kicked off their club life with their women’s team; who have become the first Nelson-based team to play […]