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NZ Chatham Cup

NZF’s Great Integration

It comes, it looms, it’s been clearly outlined in a National Competitions Briefing Document (that has been kindly passed onto us here at ITBOTN). Rend your garments and gather the children indoors, New Zealand Football is looking to change the football calendar entirely (maybe!) Repent, sinners! Repent! After Rob Sherman’s review of competitions […]


Recently the Chief Exec of NZF, Andy Martin made these remarks at Eastern Suburbs AFC… “What we’ve had in the past is a sort of Premier League that has been out on a limb. What we need to see is all the kids coming through the Whole of Football plan, […]

Birko massive!

Birkenhead United 3, Waitakere City 2 AET North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, September 11 2016 What a fantastic day! What an absolutely fantastic entire weekend of football I had, as a matter of fact. There are many stories to tell, but I’ll save a lot of them for later – because […]

Chatham Cup Final: 2016

Chatham Cup Final 2016 Sunday, 11th September – 15:30 KO QBE Stadium Albany Birkenhead United v Waitakere City Ten dollars can’t get you a lot these days. A medium Maccas. A couple of bags of pineapple lumps. 0.001% of the average Auckland house price. For that princely sum though, you […]

We go again

Birkenhead United 3, Miramar Rangers 1 Shepherd’s Park, Auckland, August 28 2016 I have never made any secret of the fact that I have a soft spot for Birkenhead United. But today, without wanting to go too mushy on you, I’m ready to declare my undying love. Allow me to […]

Which Wai Wins?

Waitakere City 3, Waitemata 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, July 16 2016 I’ve seen a Clint Eastwood internet meme posted many times on Facebook over the past week. The message one takes from it is essentially that any adult male who plays “that Pokémon shit” needs to hand in his […]

Napiexit. Miremain.

Napier City Rovers 3, Miramar Rangers 4 (AET) Park Island, Napier, June 26 2016 In some ways, I hate it when I watch a thriller. Now I have to find some kind of way to do an incredible game justice in my blog post… As soon as I saw the […]

Te Cup: Central v Cambridge

Monday 6th June 2016 Chatham Cup Second Round Central United F.C v Cambridge F.C Kiwitea St. The potential for cupsets increase with the entry of NRFL Premier teams in the Chatham Cup. The road to Kiwitea St for Cambridge had seen them swat aside Colo Boys and Auckland University. Their […]