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When Saturday Comes


This is just a very quick blog-brag to alert you to an article that I have had published in the latest issue of the UK football magazine ‘When Saturday Comes’. They got in touch a few weeks ago asking me to send them my take on what World Cup expansion […]

Guest Post – Hard to Beet


By Cordwainer Bull They served us beetroot for the entree at New Zealand Football’s 125th anniversary dinner. It was one of those pretentious haute cuisine dishes, lovingly titivated with colourful garnishes, and seemingly designed as much for photographing as eating. Not that beetroot was ever going to cut it as […]

Getting a Gong


New Zealand Football celebrated its 125th birthday on Wednesday night in the grand tearoom at Auckland’s Heritage Hotel. It was a wonderful evening (apart from the US Election result which I must admit did take the gloss off it very slightly) with great food, fine wine and exceptional company. The […]

Sky’s The Limit

Pink sky at night, Phoenix delight!

The A League season starts in a little under 40 minutes as I type this. I’m sat, looking at the section of the Fanpass Schedule which says SKY TBC from 21:45 – 00:00. I assume that this will be the Brisbane v Melbourne curtain opener for the season, but that’s […]

Football & Media


I woke up at six-thirty on Saturday morning. Football was on the TV. Free-to-air. FTA live sport in New Zealand is so rare that, other than Maori Television’s coverage of the Fox Memorial Shield, you don’t often get to sit down and watch a full game without having to put […]

‘pon De Replay: In Favour Of Video Refs


This is a farce. 90 seconds between the initial whistle-blow and the decision being made. The actual screen being carried to pitch-side for inspection. Bloody hell. For the first ever use of video replay in the professional game, it’s not confidence inspiring. Worse than that, it appears like it was purpose-designed to […]

Um, Sky?

Pink sky at night, Phoenix delight!

In Tom Pullar-Strecker’s piece about the deal Sky have struck with BEIN sports for this season’s Premier League, he asked about why Euro 2016 wasn’t available on FanPass. The reply from Sky was as follows; The schedule for Euro 2016 only became available in days before the broadcasts? That’s not […]

Blue Sky Thinking


In the mid-1980’s, Rupert Murdoch’s various media organs had it in for football. Even before 1989’s ‘The Truth’ headline and the all of the rancour that followed, the beautiful game was viewed as a ‘slum sport, played in slum stadiums and increasingly watched by slum people’. That all changed when […]

International stardom


Just a very quick post to draw readers’ attention to a couple of interviews with members of the family who one might refer to, in a technical sense, as ‘media sluts’… Firstly, regular ITBOTN guest poster Rod de Lisle was recently interviewed by another ITBOTN regular guest poster, Bruce […]

Welcome to my world


It seems that lovers of the English Premier League are about to discover what it’s like to be a Serie A fan in New Zealand. Ever since ESPN lost the rights to show top flight Italian football in the Pacific Rim some four or five years ago, the Australasian rights […]