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Alma mater

University, or “college” sport isn’t as big in New Zealand as it is in other countries. Why that is, I’m not too sure. I’m vaguely aware that there are “University” rugby and cricket clubs in Auckland and that ‘Uni’ is a part of the ‘Unimount’ football club, but I don’t recall ever reading newspaper […]

A futsal feast

Futsal South 1, Auckland Football-Futsal 0 Capital Futsal 1, WaiBOP Futsal 1 ASB Stadium, Auckland, February 9 2013 20 games in two days. Free entry. Closely fought clashes with oodles of skill on display. Thrills, spills and upsets. Why wouldn’t you get on down to Kohimarama and get in amongst […]


New Zealand 1, Australia 6 ASB Stadium, Auckland, September 22 2012 Last night I attended my first ever game of futsal, a variant of football that I have never paid any attention to in the past. Indoor football has always seemed to me a similar sort of proposition to 20/20 […]