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Football Ferns

Guest Post – Women’s complaints


By Cordwainer Bull If my own awareness as a moderately enthusiastic football follower is any guide, this week’s Abby Erceg explosion was a Kaikoura moment on our footballing richter scale. The 27-year-old Football Ferns captain pulled the plug on a career that has seen her play 130 A internationals, pointing […]

Arguments against equality

Francesca Grange and Paige Satchell coming together

I’ve had an interesting couple of days reading as much of the social media reaction to the Abby Erceg bombshell as I can stomach. I have engaged with some of it, simply shaken my head at other aspects of it and lost my temper completely with one or two people […]

A question of priorities


This morning’s shock announcement by Abby Erceg of her international retirement speaks for itself really, but I couldn’t let it pass without making one or two observations of my own… If you haven’t already, please listen to her full interview on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show. Abby talks […]

One more for the road


New Zealand A 3, Thailand 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, December 20 2016 Way back on January 10 I watched my first football game of 2016 – Auckland City vs Southern United, in the sun at Kiwitea Street. It’s now twelve months later, give or take a week or two, […]

The main before the entree

Kate Loye winding up to score her goal

New Zealand A 2, Thailand 0 Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, December 17 2016 The New Zealand national women’s ‘A’ team played a friendly against world number 32 ranked Thailand ahead of the Wellington Phoenix vs Western Sydney Wanderers A-League fixture at Mount Smart Stadium on Saturday. Some may have called […]

A team with no names


New Zealand Under 20 7, WaiBOP Football 1 North Harbour Stadium, October 2 2016 Pickings were slim in Auckland today for hardy souls like me who wanted to watch some football in the nasty, nasty weather we were looking down the barrel of this morning. Around the middle of last […]

Game three

Pereira sees her shot blocked by Lauren Rood

New Zealand Under 20 1, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 19 2016 What can you say about the final fixture in a three game international series, featuring largely the same two sides, when you’ve already blogged the first two games and the result of the third […]

A riveting encounter

Rolston celebrating with Moore

New Zealand Under 20 4, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 17 2016 Two days off work to watch football either side of a two-day staff meeting in Wellington, where I got to see some more football, all bookended by two Azzurri victories at Euro 2016. Yes. […]

My two countries

Shannon Horgan struggling to contain Satchell's pace

New Zealand A 1, USA Under 19 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 14 2016 The last time my two counties played on the same day…… Well, it doesn’t bear remembering really… When I heard that the USA Under 19 women’s national team would be touring New Zealand, and that […]

Night shooting

Sarah Gregorius

New Zealand 5, New Zealand Invitational XI 0 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, January 26 2016 I had permission to photograph the second leg of the Football Ferns’ Olympic qualification tie vs Papua New Guinea on Tuesday night. If you keep up with the news you’ll be aware that New Zealand’s […]